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Creating a new world of composite materials with you A Letter to Fellow Composite Manufacturers

A Letter to Fellow Composite Manufacturers


Dear Fellow Manufacturing Partner:


As a manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) products in the composite material industry for more than 10 years, Tianfu New Materials (TF) is firmly optimistic about the future of the composite material industry. Looking forward, TF will continue to do the same as we have been doing every day for the past decade.


For the past ten years, TF has been growing and thriving. What TF represents is described in the following three questions:

1.Who is TF?


Anhui Tianfu New Materials Co., Ltd. (TF) is an expert in providing standardized production and engineering solutions of composite materials using smart manufacturing. TF delivers solutions to medium- and large- sized customers in three major business segments: fiberglass raw material supply, unsaturated resin customization, and holistic solutions for FRP projects. TF provides individualized service for each customer by focusing itself on the following eight dimensions: FRP product customization, agent product supply and service, one-stop equipment supply, visualized production, lean operation system, smart manufacturing, intelligent logistics solution, and innovative product design. The ultimate goal of TF’s engineering and technical team is to deliver holistic solutions to various FRP projects for all customers.


2.What sets TF’s FRP products apart?


TF’s core team believes we will stand strong if we focus on quality, reduce the trial-and-error cost of our customers, and deliver the best customer experience while reducing the rate of product return. With many years’ experience in the composite material industry, TF has found ways to reduce the communication cost to our customers, thus minimizing the time and energy of our customers during the negotiation. How can TF keep its promise? TF is proud to possess smart manufacturing plants with a global view of the FRP products and markets. TF’s technology is in line with the advanced production process in North America, Europe, Oceania, Japan and Southeast Asian countries. TF has successfully integrated cutting-edge technologies into its manufacturing processes for various FRP applications, optimizing the solutions for our customers. TF is proud to be one of the pioneers in China to provide a suite of FRP core products and systematic integrated FRP solutions to our oversea customers leveraging our Smart 4.0 manufacturing in the six aspects: in-situ lean production, visualization, automation, digitation, informatization, and intelligent integration. TF is fully committed to providing the most practical, holistic services to our domestic and oversea customers because we value our new product R&D, manufacturing upgrading, operation optimization, technology advancement, and customer service enhancement.

3.What can TF do for you?


  • Professional technical services and cost-effective solutions.
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing technology and standardized or customized product models/samples.
  • One-stop solution and service from planning to installation.
  • Best products for your application and satisfaction.


TF has extensive experience in manufacturing and servicing FRP products for all kinds of projects domestically and overseas to provide the best solutions for their applications. Please feel free to let us know how TF can assist your next project.


Tianfu New Materials (TF)



  • Founder


    Li Gan, founder of Anhui Tianfu New Materials Co.. Ltd. Since 2015.Mr.Li Gan have operated production plants in Tongling and Jiujiang,China, providing our customers withinnovative high-quality composite designs and products.

  • Engineer Technical Director

    Steven Wei

    Steven Wei is currently a professor and director of the School of Engineering at SlipperyRock University in Pennsylvania,USA, and a registered engineer in Wes Virginia.

  • Business Manager

    Joshua Qi

    Joshua Qi the business manage of the foreign trade department of Anhui Tianfu New Materials Co.. Ltd. After joining the company, he has continuously developed him own customer base,improved the marketing method of the company' full range of FRP products. expanged sales channels.and professionally served global FRP series product customers.

  • Senior Sales Professional

    Bella Huang

    Bella Huang.Senior Sales Professional of FRP products for Anhui Tianfu New Material Co.. Ltd.,has a deep understanding of FRP products and their applications across various industries. They possess a comprehensive knowledge of the technical aspects, manufacturing processes, and performance characteristics of FRP materials.

A Message from Tianfu New Materials to Customers

We are committed to providing the best services and customized solutions to meet your various needs of composite materials and products, and to facilitate your production and operations, while fulfilling our social responsibility and ensuring sustainable development. Our employees firmly believe that we can provide holistic solutions to the global needs of composite materials and products in a timely fashion by working together with our customers.


From our Founder: Mr. Gan Li


Dear Customer:


Tianfu New Materials (TF) firmly believes that fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) products are the perfect alternative to such traditional materials as steel and aluminum, due to their outstanding performance and long service life. TF has two FRP production plants in two strategic locations in China (Tongling and Jiujiang) to provide our customers with innovative FRP designs and high-quality products since 2015. We adopt the interactive model, from concept to design and from production to final installation, to provide customized solutions through thorough analyses and precise calculations.


In the past decade, we have been asking us two questions:


  • What should TF be focused on? The entire industry of composite material manufacturing is facing double pressure due to the disappearance of the rapid market growth dividend and the arrival of the digital intelligent manufacturing era. After a lot of pondering and market analyses, TF identified the common pain-points of our loyal customers in 2020. TF subsequently adjusted our production and service strategies in 2021 to focus on three items: providing the best service to loyal customers, understanding the exact needs of new customers, and delivering our one-stop holistic solutions.


  • What should TF not be focused on? First, making quick money is not TF’s long-term goal. We will never try to obtain high profits on long-term orders. We want to be the long-term player by providing value-added features to our customers free of charge for some of our main-stream products to fulfill our mission. Secondly, TF will never try to make huge profits by reducing necessary costs. The management fee and gross profit of a single project should be <30%. TF will try to save money for our customers by integrating the upstream and downstream supply chains and implementing strict quality control to produce the most cost-effective products. Finally, TF should not be in the business of losing money. The gross profit of a single project should be >10% to ensure the security and sustainability of TF's operations and finances while providing high-quality services and products to our customers. We will stay true as a genuine FRP manufacture by focusing on our business, solving the actual pain point of our customer, growing together with our customer, and realizing our mission and dreams.


TF offers a wide range of high-strength FRP products that are designed and manufactured to provide long-lasting performance in highly corrosive environments while being lightweight and high dielectric, which are advantageous to traditional construction materials.


TF provides solutions to the following areas:


  • FRP Gratings -Available in a variety of strengths, anti-corrosion properties, sizes, colors, surfaces, treatments.
  • FRP Structural Profiles- Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • FRP Cage Ladders– Designed to suit any applications.
  • FRP Handrail Systems - Designed to suit any applications.
  • FRP Sidewalk Systems - Safe and suitable for the toughest conditions.
  • FRP Cable Ladders – Lightweight, maintenance free.
  • Customized Design Products– Meet the requirements of strength, anti-corrosion, aesthetics, cost, and structure.


Tianfu New Materials (TF)


——We will provide you with the most professional solution——

We provide cost-effective high-quality services and practical solutions.

TF serves customers all over the world because we understand the composite material industry better! TF not only produces high-quality FRP products, but also supplies raw materials such as glass fibers and resins. In addition, TF delivers equipment for FRP products to provide customers with one-stop solutions for various scenarios. Thus, the possibilities are endless. TF’s ultimate goal is to deliver solutions to the various industries including construction, engineering, photovoltaic, mining, infrastructure, and wind power industry.








Anhui Tianfu New Material Team

Written April 2023


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