Application Of FRP Solid Rods

Time of Release : 2023-05-18


FRP plant stakes are one of the featured products, which are widely used in green industries such as greenhouses, vineyards, horticulture, growers, garden centers, nurseries, farms and ranches.

Fiberglass stakes as know as fiberglass rods, made of resin, fiberglass roving, etc. Plant stakes can be functional or decorative—in either case, you want them to last. It is rust-resistant and has a long service life. Therefore, fiberglass plant stakes can save you time and money.

TFcomposite standard fiberglass rods are made from solid fiberglass rods.

The solid rods vary in diameter between 2.8 mm and 15.2 mm, and the length can be shortened as required.

We can make garden stakes in any color, but the popular color is usually white. All FRP columns are UV resistant, smooth surface, flexible and strong.


special surface

Fiberglass rods with a polyester layer provide a smoother finish and provide optimal UV protection while resisting cracking, cracking, chipping or peeling. Life expectancy is over 25 years. Original purchase price will be paid back within 3 to 4 years through: Less tree damage, No replacement costs, Reduced labor costs.


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  • Application Of FRP Solid Rods
  • Application Of FRP Solid Rods
  • Application Of FRP Solid Rods