Beef Factory Fiberglass Handrail

Time of Release : 2024-04-08

Project Specification

Location: Food processing plant in Henan

Application: Adjustable work platforms, cross stile, stair treads

Products: Fiberglass Grating, Stairs



This company is a producer of meat products including deli meats, deli meats, frozen hamburger patties, and other meal replacement products. It also produces meat products for restaurant chains and food related industries.



Working on a conveyor belt all day can be overwhelming for even the hardest workers. Located in Henan Province, this food company's employees were tired after a long day of standing on steel platforms made of sturdy concrete and heavy, non-adjustable galvanized steel platforms. This company contacted us to see if there was a way we could provide a solution. With safety in mind, they wanted to purchase a surface that would not only ease the burden on workers' backs and legs, but also provide a non-slip surface when wet.



Fiberglass grating from TFNM was the solution. All new platforms, supports and stairs were designed with the use of FRP grating in mind. Due to the light weight of the FRP grating, the adjustable platform was designed as an integral part of the boning conveyor. Since the platform is attached to the conveyor, it is unsupported and does not interfere with floor cleaning. The aluminum oxide grit surface and natural corrosion resistance ensure a durable product. Even cleaning with hot water twice a day ensures the longevity of the product. Tianfu New Material also supplied this company with materials for the cross stile and fiberglass handrails.

  • Beef Factory Fiberglass Handrail
  • Beef Factory Fiberglass Handrail
  • Beef Factory Fiberglass Handrail