FPR Application Of Park Green Pathway

Time of Release : 2024-03-28

FPR Application Of Park Green Pathway

Project Specification

Location : A park pathway in China

Application: Park green pathway

Product: Molded Grating


Overview of the project

 The park walkway is a weather-resistant steel box truss structure installed with a steel frame structure and wood plank walkway, installed in 1998, which provides pedestrian access to the entire park. in 2018, the park director consulted with a safety engineer who concluded that the existing walkway was unsafe for pedestrians. The walkway should be closed immediately for repair and replacement.



The use of the wooden walkway to weatherize the steel stringers prevents the steel from drying out, thus preventing a protective coating from forming. As a result the oxidized layer needed to protect the steel members could not be formed. In as little as 20 years, the steel had corroded and failed. Weathering steels were originally designed to reduce maintenance and extend service life. At the time, it was thought that this steel would have a service life of over 100 years.

Replacement costs were high and repairs were difficult on the park, which is located on a hillside and can only be reached by stairs.



A skeletonized structural profile was designed to replace the steel stringers without the need for painting. The structure was strong enough to carry the load and light enough to be carried up the hill and assembled by two workers. A molded grating made of resin and fiberglass keeps water and sand off the newly coated steel structure. The non-slip surface of the molded grating confirms safe walking for pedestrians The 12% open area on the grating panels allows water and sand to pass through.


Tianfu New Material's FRP solution provides a very low maintenance, cost-effective solution for the park and will provide visitors with years of safe access to this beautiful green pathway.


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  • FPR Application Of Park Green Pathway
  • FPR Application Of Park Green Pathway
  • FPR Application Of Park Green Pathway
  • FPR Application Of Park Green Pathway