Marina Ramps

Time of Release : 2024-04-02

Marina Ramps Project Specification



Location: Zhuhai

Purpose: Ramp connecting marina to sea water

Product: Sand-laying Mesh Microporous Molded Grating





This marina is located in the west of Zhuhai city, which is one of the newly built large-scale ports in Zhuhai. This port integrates passenger transportation, cargo transportation, cruise ships, yachts, fisheries and tourism, and has close links with Hong Kong, Macau and coastal cities in the mainland, so there are many tourists departing from here every day to visit many small islands around Zhuhai.





Yachting is the only way to travel to many small islands in the vicinity, and the wooden deck of the marina where the yachts ride was laid before due to long time seawater erosion, wind and sun has caused serious damage and cracking and warping of the skin affecting the aesthetics and safety. The marina director believes that the wood deck must be replaced.

The replacement material must be composite with the following requirements:


- Non-slip: The pier deck is one of the most visited areas of the marina, which serves more than 1 million visitors annually.

It is one of the most visited places. In order to improve safety, the flooring on the pier must be non-slip in order to improve safety.


- Low maintenance and long service life: This marina is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on admissions and memberships to make money, and didn't want to have replacement costs in the future, such as painting, sandblasting, or scuffing and other heavy maintenance costs.





A sand-laid, mesh, microporous molded grating was selected as the deck material for this project. This molded fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating solution is commonly used for docks, floats, piers and other deck areas. This decking material meets Americans with Disabilities (ADA) guidelines.

Its corrosion-resistant, non-slip surface ensures safe access to the deck for visitors, and the 62% open area helps protect seagrass and other plant growth. The grating lets in more sunlight than other decking materials, which helps protect seagrass and other shallow marine habitats underneath the walkway. Upon completion of the project, the customer was not only satisfied with the appearance of the product, they were satisfied with the quality of the product and the support provided by TFN sales staff throughout the installation process.

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