Application Of FRP Grating For Walkway

Time of Release : 2024-01-29

In production safety, fiberglass grating is a good choice, especially in the highly corrosive chemical industry. fiberglass grating can effectively prevent corrosion, ensure that all work can operate normally, and the walkway guardrail is safe and reliable, thus ensuring personnel safety.

In some electrical workshops, fiberglass has good insulation, thereby reducing the danger caused by conductivity on the operating platform.

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Solar panels walkway normally use 30mm thick glass and steel gratings to meet the demand, with continuous grid colors and an appropriate amount of UV protection added to the raw materials, which will not fade even in sunlight. Solar energy aisle board is a type of glass fiber reinforced material, specially treated with unsaturated polyester resin as the substrate, and the sub board has a wide space in the form of composite material, which is corrosion resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant, wind resistant, and light flame retardant.

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  • Application Of FRP Grating For Walkway
  • Application Of FRP Grating For Walkway