Car wash flooring

Time of Release : 2024-04-07

Project Specifications

Location: Self Service Car Wash

Application: Vent covers and trench covers

Product: Fiberglass Grating



A self-service car wash in Guangzhou wanted to reduce long-term maintenance costs and improve the safety of the facility.



The owner of the car wash was looking for a product with a non-slip surface that did not require any secondary rust prevention treatment. The surface must also be corrosion-resistant and unaffected by the detergents and chemicals generated during the car wash process. At the same time, it had to have some load-bearing capacity.



The owner of the car wash store used FRP molded grating from Tianfu New Material. Because Tianfu New Material's FRP grating is made of brand-name raw materials, such as resin and fiberglass, it has excellent corrosion resistance and load-bearing capacity).


Therefore, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) grating will not be affected by detergents and chemicals, which can corrode steel and aluminum grating. FRP grating panels have a non-slip surface that provides a solid base in a variety of slippery conditions, including under grease, water, oil, chemicals and waste materials The car wash owner was very pleased with the results. The lightweight nature of the grating makes it easy to remove for inspection and cleaning. Best of all, it won't rust and doesn't need to be rust-proofed. The load-bearing properties are also excellent, and several vehicles driving over the track caused no structural damage to the grating.

This is thanks to the integral structure of the continuous fiberglass strands interwoven throughout the panel and laid in a resin matrix. This makes the load-bearing properties very good.

  • Car wash flooring
  • Car wash flooring
  • Car wash flooring
  • Car wash flooring