Time of Release : 2024-04-07

Project Specification

Location: Harbin

Application : ADA compliant wheelchair ramp

Products : Microporous Sand Laying Moulded Grating



When a Harbin highway company was looking for a new ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp, they decided to use moulded grating from Tianfu New Material. These ramps are not only ADA compliant, but also promote inclusivity.



The existing steel ramp under the service building was no longer code compliant due to severe corrosion. Therefore, the company needed a new solution to replace it. Due to the high snowfall in Harbin, salt is often used for snow removal, which also led to severe corrosion of the steel ramp. The energy company wanted to add a long-lasting use of moulded grating to the existing platform frame, which was constructed two years ago.



The energy company decided to use fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) instead of steel for the ramp.

Benefits of FRP include

- Corrosion resistance: The corrosion resistance of FRP is especially important, as salt is used during the snowy season.

- Non-slip: Due to the rain and snow in Harbin, the surface of the ramp had to be safe and non-slip in order to make it easier for people in wheelchairs to walk.

Anti-slip is achieved by applying fine quartz sand to our grating. The use of fibreglass ramps will not cause any slipping.

- ADA-compliant traffic surface: Tianfu New Material's micro-perforated, sand-laid moulded grating is constructed as a single sheet on a frame. Since there are no cuts and the whole sheet is laid, it meets ADA standards.

- Long service life: Due to the corrosion resistance of FRP, the service life of a FRP grating ramp will exceed that of a steel ramp.

- Low Maintenance Costs: While steel ramps require regular scraping, sandblasting or painting, FRP ramps are virtually maintenance-free, enabling energy companies to reduce maintenance costs and increase service life.


We chose TFN based on the good relationship we had developed on a previous project. Our sales staff also recommended changing the ramp fencing to FRP profiles, which are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and safe. A wheelchair ramp that meets the standards of the Association for the Handicapped, the ramp is made of glass moulded plastic grating. Throughout the process, Tianfu New Material's sales manager went out of his way to ensure that the solution provided for the ramp was real and effective, and that everyone had a good experience. Solving the problem of salt corrosion on the ramp. The installation was a great success and the customer was very happy with the work done by Tianfu New Material.

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