• Fiberglass Rebar

    Fiberglass Rebar

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Fiberglass Rebar


FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) Rebar is a spiral wrapped structural reinforcing rod made from a combination of fiberglass roving and resin. FRP Rebar has been developed as a non-corrosive alternative to steel in concrete reinforcement and is suitable for any structural or architectural application where a material that is corrosion resistant, lightweight or non-conductive is required.




FRP Rebar Offers Many Benefits Over Standard Steel Rebar:
• Lightweight (1/4 the Weight vs. Steel Rebar)
• Non-Corrosive & Unsusceptible to Chemical Attack
• Radar Transparent
• Electrically & Thermally Non-Conductive




Concrete Susceptible to Corrosion
• Waste Water Treatment Facilities
• Swimming Pools


Tunneling & Mining
• Sequential Excavation or NATM Tunneling
• Deep Foundation Tunnel Boring Machine “Soft-Eye”Opening
for Launch & Reception
• Temporary Reinforcement
• Rock Bolts


Building & Historic Preservation
• Historic Preservation - Restoration & Pinning of StoneElements
• Architecture Concrete Elements
• Slabs


Exposure of Concrete to De-Icing Chlorides
• Bridges & Railings
• Median Barriers
• Parking Structures
• Approach Slabs
• Continuously Reinforced Concrete Paving
• Precast Elements
• Salt Storage Facilities


Masonry Strengthening
• Seismic, Wind or Blast Strengthening of Unreinforced Masonry
• Strengthening for “Event Loading” of Clay & Concrete Masonry


Exposure of Concrete to Marine Chlorides
• Coastal Construction exposed to Salt Spray
• Sea Walls, Wharfs & Dry Docks
• Desalinization Intakes
• Port Aprons


Exposure of Concrete to High Voltages & Electromagnetic Fields
• Light & Heavy Rail
• High Voltage Substations
• Radio Frequency Sensitive Areas
• Cable Ducts & Banks
• Hospital MRI Areas
• Aluminum Smelters & Steel Mills
• High Speed Highway Tolling Zones
• Airport Radio & Compass Calibration Pads

Fiberglass Rebar


Concrete Reinforcement,Infrastructure Projects,Marine Construction,Chemical Plants,Water Treatment Plants,Pools and Fountains,Building Foundations



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