Fiberglass repair platform in cooling tower

Time of Release : 2024-04-28


Project Specification


Location: Inner Mongolia

Application: FRP maintenance platform inside cooling tower

Products: FRP handrail, FRP walkway




The project is in Inner Mongolia, the power generation is all supplied to Beijing, it is one of the main power plants to meet the safety of electricity in Beijing, as the main thermal power generation base in China, its access to Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan power grid is of great significance in stabilizing the power supply in Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan area. It has become a major thermal power generation base in Asia.




The previous maintenance staff used wooden boards as access to repair cooling tower fans. Long-term exposure to wind and sun had become a serious safety hazard, so the client wanted to improve the safety of the staff and started to look for a solution to replace the wooden boards. Also, there was water in the cooling towers, so the client wanted to minimize the need for future replacements due to corrosion.





Tianfu New Material's fiberglass grating offers the following benefits:

- Non-conductive Product protects workers from potential burns and electrocution hazards

- Corrosion resistant The product is not affected by some corrosive substances and can be used stably for a long time without affecting the performance and service life of the equipment.

- Lightweight One-third the weight of steel

- Easy to install; no heavy equipment required for installation

- Maintenance free

- Cost-effective


After visiting the plant, we suggested a FRP maintenance platform as the entrance to this cooling tower. The platform uses FRP handrails and FRP walkways. Due to the corrosion resistance of FRP products, there will be no need for sandblasting, scraping or painting in the future, saving the client significant maintenance costs. In this project, workers were able to pick up and carry materials with their own hands. There was no need for heavy equipment or machinery, which was very convenient due to the limited space available. In addition, the FRP grating used for this platform provides an excellent non-slip base in wet environments, which immediately increases the safety of maintenance personnel.


The client was so pleased with the results of the project and the tailored customer experience provided by our design team that they are already considering installing FRP maintenance platforms on all of the plant's cooling towers.



  • Fiberglass repair platform in cooling tower
  • Fiberglass repair platform in cooling tower
  • Fiberglass repair platform in cooling tower
  • Fiberglass repair platform in cooling tower