Water Purification Station

Time of Release : 2024-04-28


Project Specification


Location: Huainan, Anhui

Project Name: water purification station

Product: Fiberglass grating grid plate





Anhui Tongyuan Environment is a leading one-stop service provider in the environmental remediation industry, providing ecological barrier restoration, sludge treatment and disposal, comprehensive water environment remediation, hazardous solid waste treatment and soil remediation solutions, the company has accumulated invention patents and utility model patents totaling more than 40, was recognized as a national high-tech enterprises, Anhui provincial enterprise technology center. The water purification station under the company has been using galvanized steel grating, which needs to be repainted, repaired and replaced every year, which not only increases the maintenance cost, but also the chemical substances in the galvanized steel will seriously affect the survival environment of biodegradable enzymes in the purification tank. In addition, safety and anti-slip need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, there is a need to find a product that is harmless, non-slip, breathable, low maintenance, easy to handle and install, and cost-effective instead of galvanized steel grating.





Grid panels need to be in constant contact with water, and traditional stainless steel and galvanized steel suffer from corrosion and wear and tear over a long period of time. Regular maintenance and replacement is required, which is time-consuming and laborious, in addition:

- Harmless: the original galvanized steel in the chemical substances seriously affect the biodegradation enzymes in the purification pool of the living environment, resulting in the death of degradation enzymes, need to be replaced frequently, invisible increase in costs;

- Anti-slip: the grid plate is often in contact with the water quality, thus causing the risk of people slipping. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a safe, non-slip surface for people who use the grid board;

- Lightweight: Ease of handling and installation is key, with no need for large equipment and easy daily handling;

- Low maintenance and long service life: the customer specifically requested a product that would not cause inconvenience during use.





With annual repairs to the grid panels, this application required low maintenance and long life. The superior characteristics of the FRP grating eliminated the need for maintenance and provided years of trouble-free service, making it the best choice for this project. These FRP gratings provide tough, non-harmful, non-slip mesh panels while the existing structure is still intact, helping the client save a great deal of time and money during the installation process and daily use. The standard color used for the project was a striking yellow as the grid panel color.


  • Water Purification Station
  • Water Purification Station
  • Water Purification Station
  • Water Purification Station