• FRP Rebar Automatic Cutting Machine 

    FRP Rebar Automatic Cutting Machine 


The GFRP Rebar Pultrusion Line Rubber Haul off Machine developed by Prowell Technology can cooperate with the FRP Rebar production line to produce high-quality FRP Rebar.
The rubber block tractor we provide can be configured with frequency conversion speed regulation, pneumatic compression, high heat-resistant rubber block, dual power traction, and an effective traction length of 2.8 meters, which greatly improves the density and strength of the product.
At the same time, the FRP Rebar tractor can also be used in conjunction with the automatic cutting machine and the turning frame, which can complete high-precision fixed-length cutting, as well as 90° straight cutting and 45° oblique cutting, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces product cost. loss.
At present, our equipment occupies a large share in China, and we also have enough experience and ability to help customers solve problems.

Product performance introduction

QG-50 FRP Rebar Automatic Cutting Machine 
FRP Rebar Automatic Cutting Machine  wholesale FRP Rebar Automatic Cutting Machine  factory

The cutting length of the product is ≥2 meters, and the total length accuracy is ≤0.5 cm.


Cutting Way


Saw Type

High speed steel

Air Pressure




Compression method


Cutting direction

From top to bottom

Cutting Range


Cutting angle

45° / 90°

Fixed-Length Cutting Way

Positioning cutting

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FRP Rebar Automatic Cutting Machine 


Corrosive & marine environments, such as bridge pylons. Thermal insulation between exterior and interior. Places which should remain free of electromagnetic disturbances: MRI units, control towers, etc. Can be used in precast or cast-in-place concrete. D-Walls to ease Tunnel Boring Machines break-through, see Soft-Eye product page



Q :

How strong is it?

A :

Fiberglass Rebar tends to be about double that of steel in tension. However, it does have a lower modulus of elasticity which can drive different design requirements.

Q :

Can GERP rebar replace steel?

A :

Yes, Fiberglas Rebar absolutely can and is being used to replace steel in many structures of all shapes and sizes. However, this does not mean it can or should be used as a direct replacement. Oftentimes, depending on the demands, you may need a bit more or less Fiberglas™ Rebar. Typically, our designed are dictated by serviceability and crack widths.

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