Power station cooling systems

Time of Release : 2024-05-21

Project Specification


Location: An energy storage power station in Ningxia

Application: Cooling system maintenance platform, maintenance walkway

Products FRP Grating, FRP Handrail


Overview of the project


The project is a large-scale energy storage power station under Shanghai Fusion, its cooling system needs a new type of material that is non-conductive and anti-aging, in 2020, the project design team found our company through the network, to provide cooling system maintenance platform and maintenance walkway.



Due to the environment in which the cooling system is used, a product was needed that would combat the effects of daily ageing and improve the safety conditions of the facility.

We have organised the customer's requirements as follows:


-- Non-conductive and non-thermal conductive: To ensure the safety of personnel during maintenance, the material must be non-conductive and have low thermal conductivity;

-- corrosion resistance: taking into account the equipment placed outdoors, the long years of wind and sun on the platform and walkway board corrosion, not only affects the load-bearing, the safety of personnel also pose a hidden danger, so the material must be able to withstand daily corrosion of the sun and rain;

- Lightweight: ease of installation is key, no need for large equipment, greatly reducing construction time;

- Low maintenance and long service life: the customer specifically requested a product that would not cause inconvenience during use.





In the face of fierce competition Tianfu New Material was able to create a non-conductive maintenance platform system for the power station. The engineering company chose to use FRP guardrails and walkways, combined with FRP grating and FRP structural profiles, and Tianfu New Material FRP products are also equipped with UV-resistant features, creating a durable and long-lasting solution. As a result, it was selected as the first 100% FRP project for the project owner.

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