Workshop walkway

Time of Release : 2024-04-07

Project Specification


Location: A city in Yunnan

Application: Stairway in factory workshop

Product: Fibreglass Grating




This factory, located in Yunnan, is a chemical plant that needed a corrosion-resistant, low-maintenance product for its workshop stairways. FRP grating was the product of choice for this factory.




The factory uses steel plate welded or round steel welded stairs for workers to enter and exit the workshop for work. However, the steel plate welded stair treads had started to deteriorate over time and needed to be replaced. The contractor was looking for a structurally sound stair tread solution that was resistant to salt water chemicals, had some load bearing capacity and was low maintenance.




The contractor chose Tianfu New Material's FRP grating for the workshop stairs and walkways for this project. The contractor had used TIANFU XINMAI FRP products in the past and knew that TIANFU XINMAI's FRP grating was of excellent quality and service. The appearance of FRP gratings will outlast the steel on which they are installed due to their ability to withstand a wide range of corrosive substances such as salt and constant humidity, as well as daily cleaning.


In addition, the grit on the surface of the fibreboard-covered stair walkways has a non-slip effect, making it easy to walk even in bare feet.

We helped the customer cut it to size. The cut grating was transported to the factory, fixed to the galvanised steel beams. and installed quickly and easily. This is also thanks to the lightweight nature of the fibreboard-covered stair treads.


Contractor continues to use TIFL products and services This is another example of how FRP grating solutions can provide quality, long-term durability and convenience.

  • Workshop walkway
  • Workshop walkway
  • Workshop walkway
  • Workshop walkway
  • Workshop walkway