Power Plant Walkway

Time of Release : 2024-04-07

Project Specification


Location: A university in Fujian

Application: Rooftop service platform

Products FRP Grating and FRP Handrails


About the University


Founded in 1960, the university has 35,000 students enrolled in programmes ranging from science and engineering to environmental studies, arts and social sciences. Due to the rapid changes in technology, the University needed to update its laboratories and older buildings. To help make these upgrades possible.




The university needs to purchase a quantity of supplies to construct a safe passageway for the maintenance of new fume hood exhausts,

located on the roof of Buildings 1 and 2. Regular preventative maintenance is needed on the blower motors and filters. Due to fluctuating seasonal weather conditions, the University is in need of a highly visible, safe, and slip-resistant rooftop work area.

These regular maintenance procedures can be performed at any time of the year.




Tianfu New Material was able to provide a solution to this problem by constructing a maintenance-free, non-slip platform around the fume cupboards with FRP grating and FRP handrails. The FRP products are also UV resistant, creating a long lasting and durable long term solution.

  • Power Plant Walkway
  • Power Plant Walkway
  • Power Plant Walkway
  • Power Plant Walkway